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Brief Description
Creation of 2 variants of the logo. 3 edits for free.
Creation of 2 variants of a logo with a monogram or graphic sign. 3 edits for free.
Creation of 2 variants of a logo with a monogram, favicon, visualization, sources.
Several color schemes
3D mockup
High resolution
Source files
Number of logos
3 days
3 days
5 days
Order for $20
Order for $30
Order for $40

About this kwork

I will develop an original logo that will define your status. Your logo will become an individual brand.

Correct design is of paramount importance. It is the logo that helps to understand the essence of the company, the field of activity and the mission in the market.

Thanks to the correctly chosen color scheme, you can emphasize the feeling of solidity and create opportunities for its further growth. And with the help of an original compositional solution, you can form an association about the image.

Logo design is a team effort. With you, a precisely formulated desire, with me, the implementation of your desire in life.

What the seller needs to get started:

For the high-quality execution of your order, I need the basic criteria and instructions for work:

1) Scope of activity.

2) Symbolic logo / Text logo / Combined logo.

3) Simple logo / Medium logo / Complex logo.

4) Analogs - examples of logos you like.

5) Colors.

Style: Lettering
Logo Creation: From Scratch

Kwork reviews

3 days delivery
 Several color schemes
 High resolution
 to 2 logos

Money-back guarantee

Funds will be instantly returned to your account if something goes wrong

How does it work?

Kwork transfers the money to the seller only after the buyer has accepted the work.

Refunds will be processed:

  • Immediately - if the buyer cancels the order within 20 minutes of placing it
  • Immediately - if the seller misses the deadline and the buyer opts to cancel the order
  • Immediately - if the buyer and the seller both agree to cancel the order
  • Within a few hours - if the order is incomplete
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