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I will draft strong and professional legal agreements, legal contract

Kwork Overview

Looking for a Contract or Agreement which is impeccable and will safeguard all your rights and will not cause you any complications?

Fortunately, Your Have Arrived at THE RIGHT PLACE.


I am Abdul Rafay, The head of Legal writings at the CH M. SADIQ & CO Law Associates. My Firm CH M. SADIQ&CO got 50+ years of experience in the legal field which starts from working on typewriter in the 1960s to being on Kwork on 2022. I got a team of attorneys having their expertise in different legal dimensions to get your complete legal cover. I got a vast range of services to offer you.

MY services:

Legal Advise.

Legal Contract.

Lease Agreement

Rental Agreement

Social Media Contracts

Manufacturer Agreement

Employment Contract

Legal Binding

Split Agreement

Shareholder Agreement

Purchase Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Copyright Notice

Loan agreement

Employment and independent contractor agreement

Consulting agreement

Terms and conditions

Complaint or Demand Letters.

Legal Notices.


Other legal Drafts for Contracts and Agreements.

I always value your time and deadlines.

I am looking forward to provide my services to this community

To get started, the seller needs:

The order may vary from 1 page short legal notice or a short legal document to 6-8 detailed well researched document upon the demand and decision of the client (The charges of more than 2 pages document vary as per work from the basic plan- Short Document of 1-2 pages)

Scope of this kwork: Drafting strong and professional legal agreements,legal contract, nda and lawsuits

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Money-back Guarantee

We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

How does this work?

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