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Vue.js + Laravel

About this kwork

Everyone wants a full-stack developer these days, with some JS framework and Laravel as API.

So, this course is for you, if you're a Laravel developer and want to start using Vue.js SPA architecture.

I'm a big believer in practical way of learning, so instead of 15-20 hours of theory, I've picked and will show you exactly what you need to start with Vue+SPA, in this 2-hour course.

We'll create the application you see above, to manage the records in table. Along the way, we will learn things like:

  1. Adding Vue.js into a Laravel project
  2. Compiling Vue.js assets
  3. Vue Components
  4. Pagination
  5. Vue Routing as SPA instead of Laravel routing
  6. Axios requests - get/post/put/delete, with parameters
  7. File uploads in Vue.js
  8. Sweet Alert library

... and more.

Notice: this course DOESN'T cover login/auth/permissions, and Vuex for state management. For that, I will probably create a "sequel" course, building a practical more complex project.

What the seller needs to get started:

After ordering I will send you a link to download the course - Vue.js + Laravel.

The course you can download from the cloud

Direction: Programming
Scope of 1 kwork: 2 hours

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