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Hello! During my work as a designer / illustrator I have accumulated quite a lot of material on various topics.

I would like this good not to disappear in such quantity: D

I offer you my archive with 200+ packs of infographics and 80+ packs of various icons for filling your site / blog, etc.

Why do we need infographics and visuals?

1. More than 45% of users click on the link if it leads to an infographic.

2.30% of users will share this infographic, even if it does not carry important information.

3. The rest of the users are in the astral

The inclusion of interesting facts, presented in a brief visual form, will support the attention of your readers. In addition, it is better to make a variety of blog with the help of different types of content (videos, articles, visuals, etc. ).

Needed for order:

You just need to order my kwork, and I will send you an archive with all the packages and files. Also, I can arrange for you a personal infographic, which can be ordered in additional options.

I will take into account all your suggestions and will try to make it as interesting as possible! )

The volume of 1 Kwork: 2 archives (1- with infographics, 2- with icons)

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Tell your friends about this kwork