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About this kwork

Portrait In the style of GTA

If you are a fan of the famous series of computer games

GTA, or do you just like the work of this

style, then this offer is exactly for you.

Work is performed in JPG format and in the original or greater

the size of your photo. The background is at your discretion.

(10 pieces to choose from).

In the process, the proportions may be slightly changed.

your face in order to improve the overall look of the pattern. also in

the end result will be all the shadows and highlights,

that were on the original photograph (except for the glare of the eyes).

Needed for order:

To create a high-quality portrait you need a photo,

which you want to process. We do not ask for a photo

of extreme quality, but it should not be blurred,

dimming and lightening (example in the attached file).


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4 days delivery
 Detailed Drawing
 PSD Source
 Up to 2 characters


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