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Jewelry illustration

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Kwork Overview

Welcome to my profile

I will draw for you jewelry and watches with or without precious stones, various materials (yellow gold, rose gold, silver, jewelry, etc. ):

- technical sketch for further production;

- Stylized Fashion illustration with a model (shoulder-length, as well as individual body parts);

- - Jewelry in realism, in watercolor, in pencil, marker technique for publication in social networks, on your website, in a magazine, in a brand book, postcard, brochure, etc.

- Collages - for example, a finished jewelry photo, I draw a story around.

You will receive:

Ready-to-print image (CMYK format) I need to be warned;

Finished image for publication (RGB format)

png, jpeg, pdf, psd format if necessary with transparent background

High quality image, from 400 dpi

I work on an iPad in the Procreate raster program - quickly, professionally and efficiently.

To get started, the seller needs:

1. You describe your idea, examples of photos of the object/subject, examples of illustration style will be a great advantage.

2. I draw black and white sketches for you, corrections at this stage are unlimited.

3. After approval, I fill it with color. Corrections for an additional fee.

4. After approval, I send you the files in good quality.

I will be glad to answer all your questions

Type: Paintings & Illustrations
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