Personal Calisthenics and Street Workout program

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Personal training program on the bars, with emphasis on the elaboration of relief.

This program is suitable for you if you:

-A busy person who doesn`t have time to visit the Gym.

-If you just start your training.

-If you don`t like to visit the gym and train with weights.

-If you want to develop the functionality of your musculature and become strong.

The advantages of the program:

-It is not necessary to buy a fitness club card, there are horizontal and parallel bars in every playground.

-Bodyweight training makes your figure aesthetic and proportionally developed.

-Training in the street increases the fat burning.

-The training program is built individually, after detection

Who am I (about the author of the program):

- Captain and coach of the professional team in Street Workout, member of the international team Mutant Clan

-Champion of Russia 2014, Bronze medalist of the European Street Workout Championship 2014

-Personal trainer and coach of group programs in the areas: Fitness, Functional training, calisthenics, street workout, crossfit.

Needed for order:



-Weight, height

-Diseases, injuries, operations

-Maximum reps of pull-ups on the bar

-Maximum reps of deeps on parallel bars

-Maximum reps of push-ups from the floor

-Maximum number of sit-ups

-Photo full face/profile full length (optional for more detailed drawing up of the program)

The volume of 1 Kwork: Docx file with 2-10 pages of personal training plan

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Tell your friends about this kwork