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Delicious and beautiful photo-recipe

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About this kwork

I will write a recipe with step by step instructions:

  1. Readable text;
  2. Increased uniqueness;
  3. Efficiency;
  4. Quality;
  5. Creative approach to business!

P. S: I've been in cooking for over 9 years! ! ! I have a diploma "cook, confectioner", a lot of certificates, as well as experience in the profession in the position of "senior cook" and "confectioner". Create recipes with high-quality videos or unique photos. I also maintain my own food blog from daily! I will write or create recipes individually! I eat right and share my low-calorie dishes with you! I will consider the incompatibility of products, individual intolerances, food allergies. I will select a recipe for your preferences and wishes! Do not forget to get acquainted with the options for the order, which is paid separately:

  1. photo material;
  2. CBDU calculation;
  3. exotic products.

I love cooking! So why make it not only tasty but also beautiful? ^. ^

Needed for order:

From you, dear buyer, you are required to specify:

  1. Volume;
  2. The category of the dish;
  3. Wishes for registration (angle of shooting, etc. );

I would very much like to see detailed terms of reference for faster collaboration.

I look forward to! : )

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