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I'll develop an interface for a game or application on Unity3D

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I'll develop an interface for a game or application on Unity3D 1 - kwork.com

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Games are developed by many. Most of the modern indie developers (as well as large companies) use for this beautiful modern solution - the engine Unity3D, which has almost limitless possibilities for creating interactive applications.

One problem is that not all are able to realize in their creation a well thought out and beautifully drawn user interface. Whether the user will start the game again or prefer the one that is more pleasant for the eyes - all depends on UI appearance.

To prevent this from happening, the development of the interface should be trusted to professionals.

Ordering this work you will receive: planning, drawing elements, assembling and programming a beautiful, stylish and user-friendly interface using Unity UI for your game or application.

Full compliance with the style of your project, the uniqueness of the elements, the correct adaptation to different screen sizes - all this is included in the default lock.

Bonus: a script in the C# language, linking the elements into a single functioning whole. You will only have to write your executable code into the function.

Needed for order:

Description of the game or application, the required style, a list of necessary elements and the functions they perform. A manual or machine sketch of the desired interface structure is desirable.

The volume of 1 Kwork:  UI  assembled  from  several  (up  to  10)  created  for  your  project  controls,   adapted  to  resize  the  screen.   Includes  one  script  in  C#,   linking  the  elements  into  a  single  unit

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