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Edit CSS styles of the website

Edit CSS styles of the website 1 - kwork.com
Edit CSS styles of the website 2 - kwork.com
Edit CSS styles of the website 3 - kwork.com
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Edit CSS styles of the website 4 - kwork.com
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Edit CSS styles of the website 6 - kwork.com

About this kwork

Modern design is evolving, every year there are new directions and trends that need to be implemented in your project, keeping up with trends.

List of CSS edits:

1. Changing the font size

2. Change the style of font (italic / bold / normal)

3. Change font color

4. Change buttons (color / background)

5. Changing the position of elements (button / text / block)

6. Align elements (top / right / bottom / left)

7. Hover effects (color / size / shadow / background) on a link, picture, button, or text.

There may be other design changes in the discussion in the request in personal correspondence.

How to calculate the number of edits before ordering?

1. Change text style for one button - 1 edit

2. Change the size of text in a single block - 1 edit

3. Change color of 1 button - 1 edit

4. etc.

Use the additional options below if the number of edits is more than 10. At competitive prices.

* 1 kwork-no more than 10 edits of site elements.

What the seller needs to get started:

You must provide data from:

1. FTP (host / login / password)

2. the admin of the site, if available

3. hosting (login|password)

Before you begin, provide:

1. Site address

2. List of necessary edits (by items)

Service includes:
 Template Editing
 Number Of Pages: 1
Delivery: 3 days
Type: Layout Revision

Order details and extras

  • +$20

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$10Order details
3 days delivery
 Template Editing
 1 page
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