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About this kwork

Correct any drawings in AutoCAD 2D. Also, if you need to translate drawings from different formats to AutoCAD format, write in advance.

AutoCAD drawing fixes include:1. Add / remove elements in the drawing. (1 drawing A4 format = 1.5 $)

2. Change the desired scale (1 drawing = 2 $)

3. Adding frame, logo, icons, explanations, objects, etc. (1 drawing A4 format = 1.5 $)

4. Saving the drawing in various formats. (1 drawing A4 format = 1 $)

5. Possible calculation of the specification according to the drawing. (1 drawing A4 photo = 20 $)

6. Similar transfer of your drawing (drawn or sketchy) to AutoCAD. (1 drawing A4 photo = 35 $ - 55 $)

7. Drawing from your photo (provide a high-quality photo from different angles) (1 drawing A4 photo = 45 $ - 75 $)

What the seller needs to get started:

For a more successful completion of Kwork.

You need:

1. Please tell us in detail what you need to do.

2. Provide the necessary photographs, drawings for possible redrawing, scanned documents, etc.

3. Please tell us in what format the finished drawings should be submitted.

Write, it will be interesting to work with you!

Kind: Walls
Aspect Of Service: Drafting
Scope of 1 kwork: 1 Correct AutoCAD drawing 2D

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