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About this kwork

I have 12 years GIS experience. I can help you to realize your ideas in GIS environment (ArcGIS, MapInfo, GlobalMapper, QGIS, Erdas Imagine, Envi, Google Earth, Google MyMaps, SAGA).

My services include:

-GIS consulting;

-Creating, editing databases;

-Digitizing maps;

-Georeferencing maps;

-Projecting data;

-Converting coordinates to points;

-Converting data to different formats (shape, cad, tab, kml, etc. );

-Vector and raster conversion;

-Topology analyse and correcting errors;

-Classification of images (supervised, unsupervised);

-Creating composite images with different band combinations;

-Constructing different band indices (NDVI, NDWI, NDMI, NDBI, NDSI, NBaI etc. );

-Clipping, mosaicing different images;

-Change detection;

-Dem analyse (slope, aspect, hillshade, hydrology etc. );

-Spatial analyse;

-3D analyse;

-Geostatistical analyse;

-Creating and designing maps for print etc.

What the seller needs to get started:

Clear description of requirements, source file, basic information, primary data, technical task etc.

Kind: Site Еngineering
Aspect Of Service: Drafting
Scope of 1 kwork: Data analyse 

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