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About this kwork

Sending Your database whatsapp can send large amounts. 50-80k. messages a day.

The report shall be in Excel format.

Where numbers are specified, the answer of sending, time of sending

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger in the world. And of course Your customers use it.

Do you need new customers and remind the old ones?

I know how to do this! The advantage of mailing on Whatsapp:

Before sending SMS

- SMS contains 69 characters costs an average of 2 rubles

- Whatsapp holds 550 characters , it is possible to send text, photos, photos+text, melody, voice message, video, geo-location, emoticons

The average cost of the market 1-1.5 rubles, it turns out that the difference is more than 10 times!

SMS does not send pictures (if not to take into account MMS which costs 8 rubles per message)

SMS sending is used by 90% of companies, Whatsapp is not more than 3%.

2. The advantage of sending by Whatsapp before E-MAIL newsletter

Open Whatsapp messages 70-90% of users, when mailing opens no more than 2% of emails.

Mailing error 1-3 %

I can check up to 7 million numbers a day.

Needed for order:

To perform this kwork, you must provide:

Base numbers in the format +7911111111111.

Message text. Attention! !

A mailing will be carried out from different numbers, customer responses to these numbers are not accepted. Therefore, in the text include your contact number or link to the site. (We can offer to make a bot answering machine)

The text may contain direct links to your websites and social networks. BUT! links are not clickable until the recipient responds to the message sent to him.

Picture (if any) no more than 50kb, it is desirable to make a square, 500x500 pixels in JPEG or PNG format.

It is always recommended to insert an image, it is possible to register an additional offer for the buyer and it is saved automatically in the user's Gallery.

The message with the video counts as 2 messages.

Type: Messenger
The volume of 1 Kwork: 350 emails

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