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I will be an English tutor for your child

1 day

About this kwork

So, I would like to start the brief description of my work or so-called "kwork" with the fact that the whole process is carried out remotely on the Skype social platform.

  1. The main rule is that all classes are held with the participation of parents. In working with preschoolers, the presence of parents is especially important as they help the child not to be shy, to behave calmly and with concentration. Parents can also control the learning process, giving advice to the tutor, me and help the child complete the tasks if it's necessary.
  2. My Practical English Course involves dividing into several topics. All themes are based on the school curriculum in accordance with the class of study.
  3. The parents themselves choose what exactly will be made out. This is for preschoolers.
  4. As for students, I suggest taking a test to identify learning gaps and outline a course of further training.

I have described the main points of the educational process. For a detailed description of my work, write to me personally.

Finally, I want to assure you that at the end of the course, the level of your kids' English knowledge will definitely increase.

What the seller needs to get started:

Dear parents, this sections are for you!

Schedule: the days and time of studying are partially, not entirely, compiled by you because everyone has a daily routine.

Means of education: I provide personally selected manuals, textbooks and other sources, such as videos, pictures or songs. However, you can offer other training materials.

Payment: If you decide to take one lesson, the cost will be 20$.

Science: Human Science
Scope of 1 kwork: One lesson

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