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I'm going to write about the life and work of St. Patrick

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I will deliver an essay about the life and work of Saint Patrick of Ireland. St. Patrick\'s life is a colorful depiction of the saint and the beginning of Ireland\'s conversion to Christianity. Two of his works were popular during his time (Fisher par. 1): Confessio is a hagiography, whereas the Epistola is more of a letter condemning the British chieftain Coroticus and his soldiers who murdered and enslaved many of Patrick’s newly baptized Christians. He described his letters as filled with “labours” and God’s graces given to him, which resembles the difficulties and life’s dangers St. Paul experienced as he was spreading the Gospel of Jesus.

The essay that I will deliver may contain several pages (about 1,000 words), and one photo, but it can also be transformed into a 50-paged dissertation depending on client\'s request. And the price will have to be negotiated.

What the seller needs to get started:

I can write an essay about St. Patrick\'s life and his works, particularly about the Confessio and the Epistola, his early in Ireland and his past life in England. But I would like to ask what precisely do you want to know. If this is an assignment, some details or questions of your assignment should be provided. If it is about a particular audience, please also state the kind of readers.

Science: Human Science
Scope of 1 kwork: Essay about St. Patrick, which is 1000 words, and one photo of the saint

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