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About this kwork

Editing and processing your video for various purposes, considering all the wishes.

For example, this video on YouTube, Instagram, video congratulation, congratulations, travel, seminars, graduation and various events. or an advertising video of your product/service.

I work with video of any format.

✔ Cut out the failed frames.

✔ Splice individual video clips.

✔ Overlay of background music.

✔ Transitions. (If it's necessary)

✔ Insert a logo or label.

✔ Easy color correction.

✔ Convert video to the specified format (1 option = 1 format)

✔ Change the video resolution (1 option = 1 resolution)

If you want to make the video even more vivid, spectacular and memorable, I propose to order additional options.


All the details are negotiated.

The speaker should be ordered separately. I'm not an announcer.

Terms of manufacturing from 1 to 2 days, depending on the duration of the roller.

Needed for order:

1) Provide the necessary materials (text information, logo in good quality, photos, video, sound, etc. ) preferably in the archive.

2) Describe in detail the wishes for processing and installation.

3) Indicate the work plan for editing with digital marks in minutes and seconds (for example, cut out the undesirable fragment from 02:23 to 03:34).

4) Before placing an order, determine whether you need additional options and in what amount.

5) If there are other additions write discuss.

Kind: Video Editing
The volume of 1 Kwork: 5 minutes

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Funds will be instantly returned to the account if something goes wrong

How does it work?

Kwork transfers money to the seller only after the buyer has checked and accepted the order.

Money can be returned:

  • Immediately if the buyer canceled the order in the first 20 minutes after the start
  • Immediately if the seller delayed the order, and the buyer decided to cancel it
  • Immediately if the seller and buyer agreed to cancel the order
  • Within a few hours if the order is made poorly or not completely
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Tell your friends about this kwork