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30 copies of videos unique to YouTube

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30 copies of videos unique to YouTube 1 - kwork.com
30 copies of videos unique to YouTube 2 - kwork.com
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30 copies of videos unique to YouTube 3 - kwork.com
30 copies of videos unique to YouTube 4 - kwork.com

About this kwork

I will make 30 copies of one video, each of which will be unique for YouTube!

Why do we need this powerful feature?
  1. For rapid filling of the channel content
  2. To promote products and services on YouTube
  3. To make up for the lack of video material
  4. To collect traffic for commercial projects
  5. To borrow the video that suits you from your competitors
  6. For a successful Bay of duplicates on YouTube
  7. If you try to upload the same videos to a YouTube channel, The system will detect a double and block the fill.

30 copies of the same video will be prepared for YouTube as 30 unique videos.

Opportunities open up for you!

You will be able to upload videos to the channel with various titles, SEO text, and tags for indexing and output to the top. Your channel will be many times faster to increase the content with the least hassle of video production. You can not engage in the production of videos, and borrow them from other authors. Create a channel for promotional materials and fill with duplicate videos in order to collect traffic to the selling pages or affiliate programs.

Pay attention to the Instructions and additional. options.

Needed for order:

Attach a file with a video to the order or specify a link from where you can download it.

Consider the following:

  1. The limit for the number of videos to be uploaded varies and depends on the trust (trust) of the channel.
  2. The sound in the video may belong to the authors and YouTube may block the double due to the audio track in the video, not the video itself. I recommend replacing the audio in the video with a free music track (you can take it from the YouTube library, see here: http://prntscr.com/htibxt).
  3. Use an especially started to promote your account.
Kind: Video Editing
The volume of 1 Kwork: 15 minutes

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