Convert UHD 4K video to H. 265 format

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About this kwork

Professional conversion of your videos into a modern and compact format with the x. 265 (HEVC) codec. This format may not be supported by old devices, so you must first test the compatibility of your equipment (computer, telephone, TV, etc. ) for the possibility of its correct reproduction. Test clips can be downloaded from the links below. Watching these links online is not recommended, because google encodes the video in its format.

DEMO source:




The H. 265 / HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard is a continuation of the H. 264 / AVC (Advanced Video Coding) standard, and is characterized by more efficient compression algorithms, as well as high resolution support up to 8K (8192x4320).

The degree of compression depends on many factors and therefore test conversion is carried out. Working with this standard is very laborious and takes a lot of time. So "quick" will not.

Needed for order:

Step 1: You need a link to the source file, all the other nuances in the correspondence. If you do not know where to fill a large amount, then I will tell you.

Step 2: I make a 10 second pre-sample for quality approval. This is necessary for the concept of the ratio of file size and quality.

Step 3: After approval, I proceed to work.

Kind: Video Editing
The volume of 1 Kwork: 5 minutes
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