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Edit a gaming video

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Kwork Overview

Game video plan:

Composing and basic processing of the composition:

  1. I will review your gameplay videos and select the most spectacular moments;
  2. Add music, including - no copyright. I can pick up the tracks myself;
  3. Organize a video composition that will demonstrate your skill, funny moments, act as a tutorial, or advertise the game;
  4. I can adapt videos for different platforms (warn in advance);

Advanced processing:

  1. Color grading: adjust color, contrast, lighting, and apply filters;
  2. Sound design & mixing: Carry out work on noise reduction and improving the sound quality of the voice. Add sound effects. Mix music, voice, and sound effects.
  3. Motion graphics: Add transitions and create visual effects that emphasize what is happening on the screen (animated titles, motion graphics). Change the speed of clips (the best result is achieved with sources from 60 fps);
  4. Subtitles: transcribe audio to text and add subtitles.

I perform the first three revisions for free.

If you are interested in editing a lengthy video or highlighting from a stream, I will draw up a special offer for you.

Always open to discuss your project.

To get started, the seller needs:
  1. First of all, write me to discuss the details of the project. After reviewing the source material, I can talk about the individual characteristics of the video and adjust the action plan.
  2. To transfer your frames without loss of quality, upload them to any cloud storage (Google Drive, Yandex Drive, Dropbox, etc. ) and send me the link.
  3. If you have not found the service you need, write to me and we will find out what can be done.
  4. Only one service is possible (for example, sound design).
Type: Video Editing
Scope of this kwork: 80 seconds

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