Mixing and mastering, audio editing, song producing

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About this kwork

Digital mixing and mastering for song of any genre (all included), audio editing (for example, removing vocal from song, eq, noise reduction etc).

Additional services:

Song producing, with option of creating and recording acoustic guitar and percussion tracks, album or EP mastering.

Needed for order:

If you're sending me your mix to work with:

- Wav-files are superior in case of mixing and mastering.

- You need to have instruments and/or vocal recorded properly. No master can save bad tracks : )

- (Optional) Consolidation (or Stem exported files)

What does consolidation mean?

It means all the tracks start at the same time. It is time-saving, because there is no need for an audio enginneer to hassle with what instrument plays and when.

It is not a requirement, but a recommendation : )

If you're giving me other audio-related task, please explain what are you looking for. Thanks!

The volume of 1 Kwork: 300 minutes

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