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Processing of voiceovers, vocals, monologues, dialogues, audiobooks.

List of services:

- Suppression or complete removal of noises, clicks, cracks, whistling. *

- Removal of the echo and reverb effect. *

- Suppression of excessively hissing sounds in the voice.

- Align the volume within a single audio recording or multiple audio recordings (for example, for those producing audiobooks).

- Cutting audio tracks into individual parts (optional service). **

- Creation of one audio file from several (additional service). **

- Conversion from mono to stereo (or vice versa) (additional service). **


*The result depends on the quality of the raw material.

**See the selection of additional services.

Needed for order:

I need an audio file from you in . wav format (preferably) or . mp3 and detailed instructions what should be done.

The volume of 1 Kwork: 10 minutes

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How does it work?

Kwork transfers money to the seller only after the buyer has checked and accepted the order.

Money can be returned:

  • Immediately if the buyer canceled the order in the first 20 minutes after the start
  • Immediately if the seller delayed the order, and the buyer decided to cancel it
  • Immediately if the seller and buyer agreed to cancel the order
  • Within a few hours if the order is made poorly or not completely
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