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Parsing Instagram. Target audience collection for email marketing

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Kwork Overview

Parsing and collecting an audience from Instagram: subscribers, commentators, likes according to various criteria and filters. This data can be used for targeted advertising, mass following, mailing and other methods of attracting customers.

As you know people related to all niches are present on Instagram. So I will collect Instagram leads for you from the following areas:

1) from any page's followers or followings

2) from #tags

3) from any location

The resulting file will contain up to 100,000 accounts with data:


Logins (if collection from account subscribers)

Also, after filtering, additional data is collected to choose from: id, login, number of subscribers, subscriptions or posts and other data to choose from. Only those that are listed in the public domain on the account page.

To get started, the seller needs:

1) provide the profile URL or profile username

2) Suggest the location

3) provide the hashtags

To start fulfilling the order, describe your task in your own words and send the necessary files, if any . . .

Type: Other
Data Source: Social Media
Platform: Instagram
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