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Commercial Offer

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About this kwork

I make commercial offers for your business.

Most of all I understand the following topics: finance, real estate, tourism, internet and technology, sports.

I will send you the completed work in PDF format or any other.

I carry out work efficiently and on time. I approach each order responsibly.

The working plan:

  1. I receive basic data from you;
  2. I learn your company / brand;
  3. I analyze competitors;
  4. I describe the advantages of your commercial proposal;
  5. I make the perfect design for your commercial proposal;
  6. I send 2-3 slides for your preliminary approval;
  7. I send the final version of the commercial proposal for verification.

What the seller needs to get started:
  1. The name of the company, the range of services provided, some short information about the history of the brand / company / institution, etc. Your logo.
  2. Indicate the key words that you want to see in the commercial proposal.
  3. Indicate the purpose and target audience of the commercial proposal.
  4. Indicate the benefits of your proposal.
  5. Any other information at your pleasure.
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  • Within a few hours - if the order is incomplete
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