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About this kwork

The corporate identity today is the basis of the entire communication policy of the company. It is one of the main means of fighting for the buyer, as well as an important component of branding. Its use presupposes a unified approach to design, color combinations, images in advertising, business papers, technical and business documentation, product packaging, etc. he organization performs the following important functions:

Image function. Formation and support of a quickly recognizable, original and attractive image of the company, which contributes to increasing its prestige and reputation. The positive perception of the firm by the target audience carries over to its products.

Identifying function. A corporate identity promotes the identification of products and advertisements, indicates their relationship with the firm and their common origin.

Differentiating function. Allocation of products and advertising of the company from the general mass of similar

The corporate identity system includes the following basic elements:

  1. logo;
  2. trademark;
  3. branded block;
  4. corporate slogan (slogan);
  5. branded range of colors;
  6. corporate set of fonts;
  7. other proprietary constants.
What the seller needs to get started:

To create a corporate identity, I need:

  1. List of items for which you need a corporate identity.
  2. Text for letterheads and other objects. Object formats.
  3. Logo in vector format (if there is none, use the corresponding option)

What is included in the corporate identity:

  1. letterhead;
  2. corporate print;
  3. personalized business cards;
  4. various types of envelopes (E65, C4, C5 - with and without a window);
  5. branded folder for papers;
  6. Promotional Products;
  7. souvenir products.

The price varies!

Scope of 1 kwork: 6 elements

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