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I will build manychat messenger chatbot for marketing automation

Kwork Overview


You will get the working Messenger Marketing System that will bring your company more leads from social media, help convert them to the customers, and automate customer support.

In this era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, many companies are looking forward to building applications without being explicitly programmed. Chatbots are one of them, According to chatbots org there are currently 1,331 active chatbots in the world, and more and more are coming on a daily basis.

Then you need a Facebook Messenger bot.

Would you love it, if you could... ?

-GET AHEAD OF THE competition


-CLOSE MORE customers


-89% OPEN RATES. 57% CLICK-through RATE.

-48% of consumers would buy items from chatbots.

Much better results than PPC for Amazon Launch. That's why you should include this in your marketing strategy NOW!

- Launch Products

- Rank for Keywords with Super URLs.

- Accelerate Sales & Run Special Promotions.

- Dramatically Increase Your Ranking

- Build An Audience For Future Product Launches!

To get started, the seller needs:

Manychat Pro account access and conversation script if you have otherwise we will discuss on messages and create the new one.

Programming Language: Manychat
Scope of this kwork: Marketing Automation Through Messenger Marketing

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We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

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