Kwork for Android

Telegram bot Python

Kwork Overview

4 years experience

Python development language

Professional Skills:

- Knowledge of Python, ability to work with libraries for any projects;

- Ability to connect API;

- Skill of creating Telegram bots of any complexity;

- Experience with HTML5, CSS3, MySQL;

- Experience in creating HTML page of the website based on design layouts;

Additional information:

Ability to multitask and high analytical skills.

1. Chatbots

(Bots for chats and telegram channels that subscribers can use)

2. Bot shops

(Bots with product databases, ordering)

3. Bots with payment systems

(Bots that will be able to accept payment via Qiwi)

4. Bot Games

(Bots where you can enter popular games without graphics)

5. Bot managers

(A bot that will manage your channel, group, business, store)

6. Moderator bots

(The bot that will keep order in the chat will manage the production process)


  1. @check_subsrc_bot - Telegram bot for managing crypto trading channel.
  2. @alkomannia_bot - Telegram store bot for the alkomarket.
  3. @provokation_weather_bot - Telegram bot with weather forecast.
  4. @Eyfel0_bot - Telegram bot perfume store.
  5. @Vastl_bot - Telegram bot for ordering t-shirts with the user's design
To get started, the seller needs:

You need:

  1. Detailed description of the tasks that the bot should perform
  2. All media materials (pictures, documents, videos) that will be contained in the bot
Programming Language: Python
Scope of this kwork: Telegram bot development

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We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

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