Description of the goods for the Russian version of the online store

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Description of the goods for the Russian version of the online store 1 -

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Create unique product descriptions for your online store.

For $ 10 I'll write 800 words, I'll add 1-2 keys on your request.

A qualitative and competent description will create a complete picture of your product or service, will interest the consumer, create confidence in your online store and, accordingly, increase sales.

The text that you receive is structured and literate.

I guarantee maximum uniqueness.

I can work directly on the platform of your online store.

Ready for mutually beneficial cooperation!

Нужно для заказа:

When ordering, provide the terms of reference, all your requirements and wishes (list of goods or services, information about the product or service, links to them, the required amount of text, specify the keys (if necessary and available), etc. ).

Specify, if desired, examples of the descriptions you like (these can be links to products of competitors' sites).

I will consider all your requirements and wishes.

I will be glad to cooperate!

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Объем услуги в кворке: 800 words
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  • Моментально, если продавец и покупатель согласовали отмену заказа
  • В течение нескольких часов, если заказ выполнен некачественно или не полностью
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