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Wright a script selling

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About this kwork

What is a sales script?

This is the text that says the client, this is a verbal way of influencing a potential buyer, this is the most effective sales tool, which helps to say what the buyer wants to hear, that solves its problem or is necessity.

All options are correct. The author must be a seller, a psychologist and a marketer.

Why do you need a sales script?
  1. The client will be informed of ALL the information and the manager will not forget anything.
  2. To ensure that the information has been said competently from the psychological and stylistic side.
  3. To facilitate the work of the seller.
  4. To increase the conversion.

The most important thing in a script is not the handling of objections. Before it can not reach, if you have illiterately made a presentation of yourself. It is necessary to pack your commercial offer more carefully than a gift!

The main rule of the script:

"Do not talk about what the client can do to you. Tell what you can do to him! "

Attention! The volume of 1 product includes a script selling 1 product, an incoming call, 2 pages text with elaboration of 3 objections (renouncement).

More in options and instructions.

What the seller needs to get started:

To order, you need:

1. To get acquainted with the volume of services in 1 kwork, the terms of work and, if necessary, choose additional options.

2. Order the kwork. To describe in detail the sold goods or service, a site, a photo or video, it is possible to send KP, info about what kind of a script is necessary?

Types of scripts:

- Incoming call script

-Schedule for outbound processing

-Crypt outgoing cold call

-The meeting script

-Coding for business correspondence

3. I will send you a questionnaire for the development of the script - it must be completed within 12 hours after the order. I do not work without filling it.

Stages of creating a sales script:

1. Studying the niche.

2. Alignment of the list of questions and objections (refusals) of the client (you need to specify and approve my options).

3. Writing a script and submitting a job.

Scope of 1 kwork: 2 000 words

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