Universal content plan for Instagram for a business account. 2021

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Universal content plan for 2021 for Instagram accounts of a business focus (sale of products and services).

What problems does the business face in social media? networks most often:

  1. Posts are published irregularly, so the audience loses interest;
  2. The content is boring and monotonous, because it is not clear what you need to write about every day;
  3. Social there are networks, but no efficiency.

The planner adds consistency to the work and removes the problem of "no idea" when you do not know what to write a post about or make Stories about. With a glider, you have a full year (365 days) of engaging content planned.

The package includes: content plan for 365 days, a list of engaging questions, a headline generator that attracts attention.

A content plan is good in a format where you don't have a full-time employee to write posts and you delegate this authority to copywriters and account administrators. With the plan, you will not need to look for topics and structure for the technical task - it will be spelled out in the glider.

You won't find a cheaper content calendar solution for the whole year ahead!

The number 365 means the number of ideas for posts, not the finished posts themselves.

What the seller needs to get started:

The plan is ready to use, you just need to place an order and I will send it to you within a day (more often within 2 hours)

Kind: Content plan
Scope of 1 kwork: Content plan for 365 days

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