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A business card as an instrument of business communication and an integral part of business etiquette is hundreds of years old, and nothing points to its withering away.

The higher the status of a person, the more likely he does not use IT tools like QR codes, is not present in social networks, does not maintain a contact base with his own hands. But a paper card business secretary with a brief business comment will give.

With all the conveniences of electronic contact bases, they do not give that sensation of materiality, tactility, visuality and anchoriness, which give live paper business cards with personal notes.

I will make a two-sided / one-sided business card layout.

Pay attention to the tab - What the seller will need.

This is the minimum technical assignment.

Without it, the order is not accepted.

The result in png. for viewing and tif. or pdf. for print.

If you need a source in another format, write.

Нужно для заказа:

You will need:

The file size and its orientation (horizontal or vertical);

Your logo in the vector (files *. Ai, * . eps, *. Cdr, *. Svg, if there is only a picture and you need to draw, select the appropriate option);

Pictures, photos (if you need a search or correction, select the appropriate option);

Information for the layout (in any text format (doc, docx, txt, odt), location);

Brand fonts, if any;

Brand colors, if any;

Requirements of the printing house to the finished file;

An approximate description of the preferred style;

Your wishes (you can attach samples).

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