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Online store SEO optimization audit + bonus

Kwork Overview

Hello! My name is Ivan and I've been testing websites since 2014 and I've been doing SEO for over three years.

I analyze SEO optimization of a site according to the current checklist, consisting of more than 70 items, compiled according to the main requirements of search engines.

Depending on the site (online store or site services), the approach for optimization should be different - I also take this into account when checking.

The report will be provided in detail, with recommendations for error correction, and not just unloading from any service. The priority of errors will also be indicated in the report. Some points from the checklist:

  1. Redirects, mirrors, duplicates;
  2. h1, title, description;
  3. Errors (404, 500, etc. );
  4. Checking sitemap and robots.txt;
  5. Download speed estimation;
  6. HTML validation;
  7. Canonical links;
  8. Checking images;
  9. Checking semantic markup;
  10. etc.

Bonus for this kwork:

I will analyze the website's usability (desktop version). Usability is convenience of usage of your site. Is your site visited but not targeted? Then you need this analysis. Also, usability directly affects the site's position (behavioral factors). The cart and product card will be checked.

Sample Report
View a sample of an audit the seller previously conducted
To get started, the seller needs:

1. Your website link.

2. What is your target audience? - (optional)

3. If you have any suggestions for testing, then be sure to note- (optional)

4. Specify the format of the report (google docs, word document, etc. ). Which one will be convenient for you? - (optional)

Scope of this kwork: Full site audit

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