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Professional, voice over. Baritone, vocal fry. 42 years.

20 years in dubbing, vast experience in all formats, especially:

- Voiceover (narrative) translation, working on translations into Russian with federal channels (federal announcer).

- Dubbing, with an accurate hit in the lipsing of the character's character, with self-regulation (the director's experience in his own productions and courses of Russian meters, such as Dmitry Kreminsky's courses, help).

- A wide range of characters: from monsters to female and children's voices, voices of cartoon characters, movie characters, more than 40 characters in the portfolio: and I can also master and record a new character in a few minutes.

- Narrative (presentation) sales and training feeds of the voice-over narrator:

presentations, documentaries, audiobooks, YouTube.

- Scoring of game characters, experience in a dozen projects.

- Full mastery of editing and sound mixing.

- Quite good vocal performance, acapella polyphony.

Voice-over studio.

Audio path: SEElectronics2200T Lamp Electro-Harmonix 12AX7, RolandQuad-Capture, StedmanProscreenXL

To get started, the seller needs:

Send approved text:

- indicate the stress in names, streets, towns, surnames, little-known words with a capital letter. (PopOV st. )

- Decipher the abbreviations and acronyms: TC "Tetris" (Te Tse "tEtris").

- transcription of foreign words:

Recording for: Clips & Commercials
Voice: Male
Age Range: Adult, Senior
Voice Over Language: Russian
Scope of this kwork: 15 seconds
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