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Contextual advertising in Google Adwords

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Contextual advertising in Google Adwords 1 - kwork.com

About this kwork

The professional setting of Google Adwords contextual advertising.

Service description:

1. Collection of semantic kernel on the subject of the customer. (for maximum customer coverage).

2. Search negative words, and the creation of a stop of the sheet. (to reduce the cost of a click, and more accurate hit in CA).

3. Coordination with the customer of quantity and quality of keywords.

4. Creating search ads keywords are selected according to the customer's requests. A narrow range of keywords is used to reduce the budget.

5. Set UTM tags (to track where the click came from).

6. Set up quick links to all ads.

7. Upload your company to Google Adwords.

8. Setting up a new account + coupon 2500 - 3000 rubles.

The price of 1 kwork includes:

Setting up a single ad.

Needed for order:

From the customer:

1) website Address.

2) region of advertising display.

3) call reception Time (phone number).

4)advertising time.

5) how customers can search your product/service description of your business.

6) Unwanted requests in Your subject.

7) Strong competitive advantages, preferably in figures (delivery for such a period at such a price, construction work quality for such a period).

The volume of 1 Kwork: 5 keyword

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